#SelfLove: Things I Learned By the Age of 18

#SelfLove: Things I Learned By the Age of 18

#SelfLove: Things I Learned By the Age of 18

New Delhi: Self love is a way of relating to yourself that does not involve harshly judging or punishing yourself for every mistake you make, or every time someone does better than you.

1. Everything takes time

Whether it's getting over someone, making a change or finishing something,everything takes a time. And that's okay! 

We are always in a hurry, we forget to appreciate what we have or to just even accept the process. As Singhvisahib quoted, "Give time some time and time will spare you some time."

2. The answer is you

Other people can never be answer to your problems. You may think others can heel you or make you feel better which they might too. 
However,in the end it's upto you. It's important to learn how to love yourself instead of waiting for someone else to do it for you.

3. Grow

Since you are what you have. It becomes vital to grow. Grow, never stop working on yourself and on things you are passionate about, or on you future. 
Grow into the person you want to become - even if you are not sure who that is.

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4.Don't delay your work 

The more that you postpone the more time you waste. Don't keep telling yourself you'll do it "tomorrow". Live in present.
Now is now and you don' knows what happens tomorrow. It's better to finish of your task on time rather than delaying it.

5.People are temporary

Usually, people are temporary. you should welcome it, it's disappointing also it's unfair but sometimes friendship end or people may leave. 
Don't discount moments. Treasure every moment you have with someone rather than being scared of it's consequences. Never stop living.

6. Never stop learning

Educate yourself. Learn different things as it'll make you better human being. It'll be useful in all aspects of your life.

7. Never let anyone determine you

Only you should decide which way you are going, what you want to wear or what you want to be like. Don't let anyone determine who you are. 
Never let anyone else take that right from you.

8. Change

Change is inevitable. Be it's positive or negative, change is one of the few things you can always rely on.
Don't fear it. YOU must feel reassured as you want live the same life all along. Change maybe difficult but it's necessary.

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