Signs You Are In A Not In A Healthy Friendship

Signs You Are In A Not In A Healthy Friendship

New Delhi: Friends are supposed to be supportive and help us for our betterment. They are supposed to grow in a better way.

Here are some signs that your friendship might be unhealthy.

1. You are the only putting efforts.

A healthy friendship needs efforts from both the sides. If you are the one who is initiating conversations and initiating plans? You are the only who is supportive and always there? Looks like you might be on a solo ride. Then your friendship might be unhealthy. Make sure you both take eefforts towards your friendship.

2. They make you feel guilt about yourself or guilty.

There is a fine line between being honest in a way and that shows you are caring and honest in a way to hurt. If all you get latter from your friend, then it's time to think again about your decisions.

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3. They aren't happy for you

Your friends need to be your people, people who have your back no matter what. Being Jealous is not a healthy sign in a friendship. Suppose you buy a new car, or a new house and they are not happy for you then my friend you are not with a right friend.


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