Sivakumar In Media's Bad Books, Video Goes Viral

Sivakumar In Media

Sivakumar In Media's Bad Books, Video Goes Viral

New Delhi: Tamil Actor Sivakumar came in the bad books of media after he snapped down the phone from the hands of  his fan while taking a selfie. The 77-year-old-actor was trolled for being arogant with his fan. The Internet dubbed Sivakumar as "arrogant" but the actor defended himself in an interview with Behind Woods and said: "It is a courtesy to ask any celebrity or any person before they start clicking photos with them. A celebrity cannot be treated or taken for granted as a public property. I am someone, who has never hesitated to take photos at airport and any gatherings with hundreds and thousands of people." He added that celebrities deserve "privacy and respect too."

In the interview, Sivakumar also said that when he arrived at the venue, he was "disappointed" to see 20-25 people clicking selfies by pushing the volunteers and guards accompanying him. However, in the video circulating on the Internet, the fan from whose hand the phone was knocked out, was standing at a considerable distance from the actor.

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Watch the video here:


Here what the internet says:




While the other section of internet was in the favour of the actor and said that fanss should take permission before clicking the pictures oe selfes still Sivakumar's behaviour was not justified. 



However, Sivakumar was unmoved by Twitter's reaction and told Behind Woods: "I am not claiming myself as Buddha or a saint, but an ordinary person like you and am leading a life that I love. Moreover, I am not requesting anyone to accept me as their leader or inspiring hero. Everyone is a hero in their own lives with their own ideologies, but at the same time, we should think at least for a while on how some of our deeds might affect others."

Sivakumar has featured in over 100 films in a career spanning four decades. He was mostly cast in supporting roles and he has co-starred with top actors like Gemini Ganesan, Shivaji Ganesan and Jayalalithaa.

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