Tamil Nadu: Elderly Couple Fights Armed Robbers, On Camera

Tamil Nadu: Elderly Couple Fights Armed Robbers,  On Camera

Tamil Nadu: Elderly Couple Fights Armed Robbers, On Camera 

New Delhi: In Tamil Nadu, an elderly couple had put up a brave fight against two armed robbers who entered the porch of their home last Sunday. A video showing the couple fighting the robbers with everything they could lay their hands on is viral and has won them the internet's praise.

The 70 year old Shanmugavel is seen sitting in the porch of his farmhouse in Tirunelveli district in southern Tamil Nadu on Sunday night. The CCTV footage shows a masked man holding a machete lurking behind him and puts a piece of cloth around his neck from to choke him. Caught off guard, he screams and tried to free himself as he kicks a second machete-wielding man.

Seconds later, his wife can be seen rushing out of the house.

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The first instinct of the Shanmugavel's wife Senthamarai was to pick up a pair of slippers and throw them on the intruders. She later throws chairs and a stool as her husband too takes on them after kicking one of the men.

The police said that the woman was injured on her right arm. The gangsters managed to snatch her gold chain that weighed 33 gram.

Investigators said the couple lived alone and the incident took place around 9 pm on Sunday. Though the police have registered a case, no arrests have been made yet.

Just a few weeks ago, Uma Maheswari, a former mayor of Tirunelveli and two others, including her husband, were killed in the same district. A property dispute was suspected to be a possible motive behind the triple murder, the police said.

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