Tej Pratap On Tejaswi: Attempt To Create Rift Between "Krishna, Balram"

Tej Pratap On Tejaswi: Attempt To Create Rift Between "Krishna, Balram"

Tej Pratap On Tejaswi: Attempt To Create Rift Between "Krishna, Balram" 

New Delhi: On Thursday, the RJD leader, Lalu Prasad's son Tej Pratap Yadav dismissed the speculations that he has distanced himself from the party due to "family strife" and being "overshadowed" by his younger brother Tejashwi. Tej Pratap alleged that the attempts were made to create a rift between "Krishna and Balram".

Tej Pratap, who had been staying away from the public eye for some time, and was missing from a  meeting featuring all the party's top leaders earlier this week. His absence triggered a fresh speculations about feud going on between the Yadav family, was speaking to a regional news channel outside his residence in the state capital.

"I had gone to Mathura on a pilgrimage and fallen ill. Upon return, I spent my time recuperating and that is the only reason why I was not present at the meeting. Otherwise all people know that I do attend all RJD functions," the state's former health minister said.

Lalu Yadav's eldest son's comment came after the ruling JD(U)'s leaders remarked that his absence at the party meet on Tuesday that took place at the residence of his mother and former chief minister Rabri Devi, indicated a feud between the family.

The RJD supremo was repeatedly accussed by the BJP for betrayed Hindu traditions by declaring his younger son as his political heir instead of the elder one.

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He dubbed these speculations and remarks as his rival parties' attempts to manufacture a division in his family. "Attempts are being made to drive a wedge between Krishna and Balram," said the former minister, who appeared before the camera with his forehead typically smeared with ash.

The mischief-mongers need to remember that Krishna was armed with the Sudarshan Chakra which they all will be slain with, he added.

About reports that he was trying to chart a separate political course, he asserted, "I only believe in following the path of my father and party supremo Lalu Prasad."

Tej Pratap, compared his father to socialist leader Jayaprakash Narayan, Tej Pratap and said tat Bihar had witnessed a JP movement in the 1970s and now, it is going to witness an LP (abbreviation for Lalu Prasad) movement.

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