Lok Sabha Clears 10% Quota For Economically Weak In General Category

Lok Sabha Clears 10% Quota For Economically Weak In General Category

Lok Sabha Clears 10% Quota For Economically Weak In General Category 

New Delhi: The Lok Sabha has passed a bill to provide 10 per cent quota in jobs and education to general category candidates who belong to economically weaker sections, after a debate today. The government is hoping to push through the bill ahead of the general elections. The bill sailed through the Lok Sabha, where the government is in majority. With several opposition parties indicating that they would support it, it also stands a fair chance in Rajya Sabha. The Rajya Sabha session has been extended till Wednesday.

Here's 10 points:

1. Lok Sabha has passed the bill, with 323 lawmakers voting for it and only three withholding support. The AIADMK walked out before the voting.

2. The Samajwadi Party, Telangana Rashtra Samithi, Trinamool Congress, the Left and the Congress are the opposition parties that said they would support the bill. 

3. Vijay Goel, the Union Minister has said if the bill gets passed in Lok Sabha today, "we will table it in the Rajya Sabha tomorrow. We will try to pass the 10 per cent quota bill in this session".

4. The opposition party Congress which initially indicated it would support the bill, today said it would prefer a parliamentary committee to look into the matter. The shift drew a reality check from Union Minister Arun Jaitley, who pointed out that in its manifesto, the party supported the issue. He said that the opposition,"faces test whether they support advancement of economically backward sections only for the manifesto or here in the house as well".

5. The Union Finance Minister, adressed the house and said that the Supreme Court's 50 per cent limit only applies to caste-based reservation. "Just as equals cannot be treated unequally, unequals cannot be treated equally... Reservation was always envisioned for socially or educationally backward, on the basis of caste. Therefore Supreme Court's judgment applies only to reservation of backward classes," Mr Jaitley said.

6. A huge number of upper castes including Brahmins, Rajputs (Thakurs), Jats, Marathas, Bhumihars, and several trading castes including Kapus and Kammas will be benefited by the bill. The economically deprived among poor among the other religions will also benefit.

7. The Chief minister of West Bengal and Trinamool Congress' leader Mamata Banerjee has been cautious. "I will be very happy if the weaker sections get the job. But my question is, in the name of so called election, can a government cheat the people or cheat the unemployed youth," she said.

8. Bihar's Lalu Yadav led-Rashtriya Janata Dal said that they are opposed to the quota bill, as the government did not consult any parties before tabling it. Also there is no fresh data on demography and demanded a 85 per cent quota for the Scheduled Castes and Tribes and the Other Backward Classes. Amendments in the bill have been demanded by the Telangana Rashtra Samithi.