The PM Modi's Call To Odisha CM Behind BJP's Swag On Rajya Sabha Polls

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The PM Modi's Call To Odisha CM Behind BJP's Swag On Rajya Sabha Polls

New Delhi: The Bhartiya Janata Party's secret reason for confidence about the forthcoming elections of the Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman election was Prime Minister Narendra Modi's phone call - to  Naveen Patnaik, Odisha Chief Minister as learnt by NDTV . On Monday, The cal was made and the deal was sealed for which way nine BJD lawmakers will vote in Thursday's election, sources said.

The vote from Biju Janata Dal vote is crucial, given the existence of narrow margin between the opposition and the government, which takes the vote to 123 for the government side, leaving the Opposition to around 110.
BJD sources told NDTV, while there was no official word on the telephonic conversation  that PM Modi is believed to have told the Odisha CM that he holds both the Chief Minister and his father in high esteem.

NDTV has also been from sources that this was the second time the PM Modi dialled the Mr Patnaik within a month. During the vote of confidence it was a call by the Prime Minister, that made sure the Biju Janata Dal's lawmakers abstained from the voting,  enabling a two-thirds win for the NDA in the prestige battle.

It is illustrated by the phone calls,  how an even a symbolic post's election is taken seriously by the government. In face of an opposition victory of a membership to the PAC panel, the BJP used its trump card -- the Prime Minister.

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It is crucial that  Amit Shah, the party's chief strategist stays in the background. The chief of Bhartiya Janata Party, is targeting the states that are non-BJP in the forthcoming elections in the Lok Sabha, has been very critical of the Chief Minister in his rallies in the state. Most of the rallies are build around,  "Naveen Babu has done a dismal job in the state'' and how the "BJP was about to sweep Odisha".

The  support of BJD is being officially attributed to another phone call, by the crucial member of NDA, Nitish Kumar, the Bihar's Chief Minister. 

In 2012, the Bihar CM had voted for PA Sangma when he was pitched for the post of the President by the opposition against Pranab Mukherjee.  Nitish Kumar recieved a phone call from Naveen Patnaik at that time. The government said this was payback time.
Naveen Patnaik, who has helped PM Modi twice now, will ally with BJP in 2019? "It all depends on numbers," said a lawmaker.

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