Things You Must Not Do During Breakup

Things You Must Not Do During Breakup

New Delhi: Breakup always hurts especially to the person who is  actually broke and don't want to get apart, and the biggest mistake one can do is to make it more messier. So, here are the following things that you must not do during breakup
Create Drama
Don't fight where they don't exist and don't get into a arguemental conversation with your partner. Tears, drama, finger pointing, blame games will obviously make the situation worse.

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Don't be out to be the victim.
Break up with your partner for valid reasons is okay but don't go making them sound like an insane person who  wrecked you when they didn't and you just have to make yourself feel better.
Don't try to slide it in 
Don't be habitual where you keep giving hints and signs and blow hot and cold and wish that they will get aware that you are not interested in them anymore. It is not a good thing to do, not to admit frustrating for your partner.

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