Meghalaya Judge Says "Nothing Against Secularism", On "Hindu Country" Comment

Meghalaya Judge Says "Nothing Against Secularism", On "Hindu Country" Comment

Meghalaya Judge Says "Nothing Against Secularism", On "Hindu Country" Comment 

New Delhi: Meghalaya High Court Judge Sudip Ranjan Sen, who had earlier sparked controversy, with his "Hindu country" remark in a judgement, has clarified that his order wasn't influenced by any political ideology.

On Wednesday, Justice Sen said that "India should have become a Hindu country after Partition". The judge was hearing a petition by an Army recruit who was refused a domicile certificate by the Meghalaya government.

"I make it clear that nobody should try to make India as another Islamic country, otherwise it will be a doomsday for India and the world," the judge had said in his order.

His comments were condemned by several top lawyers, retired judges and political parties, who had sought his impeachment.

"Justice Sen reflects his political faith akin to RSS ideology of Hindu Rashtra," said the Communist Party of India-Marxist. The RSS is the ideological mentor of the ruling BJP at the centre.

Hyderabad lawmaker Asaduddin Owaisi said that, "India is a secular and plural country and it will never become Islamic state."

Justice Sen posted a clarification on the official website of the Meghalaya High Court and wrote, "I do not belong to any political party nor have I got any dream to get any political berth after my retirement and neither is my judgment politically motivated or influenced by any party."

Meghalaya Judge Says "Nothing Against Secularism", On "Hindu Country" Comment

"Secularism is one of the basic structures of our Indian Constitution. It should not further be divided on the basis of religion, caste, creed, community or language... I would also like to clarify here that in my judgment nowhere I have said anything against secularism and my judgment makes references to the history and one cannot change the history," he wrote.

The Communist Party of India-Marxist also alleged that his views will increase discord in the region and that Justice Sen has "lost his 

moral right to continue in the office as a judge in a High Court".

Justice Sen said, "Whatever is the truth, history and real ground reality, on that basis I have written my judgement to save the citizens of India irrespective of caste, creed, religion or language and people should understand the history of India and live in peace and harmony," in his defence and stressed his judgement was not outside the ambit of the constitution.