Valentine's Day Invitation To PM Narendra Modi From Shaheen Bagh Protesters


Valentine's Day Invitation To PM Narendra Modi From Shaheen Bagh Protesters'

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi is been invited by Shaheen Bagh protestors to celebrate Valentine's Day with them on Friday. The protestors who are protesting against Citizenship Act and National Register of Citizens will also present "love song" and a "surprise gift" for PM Modi.

Posters at the protest site in south-east Delhi and also circulating on social media platforms read: "PM Modi, please come to Shaheen Bagh, collect your gift and talk to us.

Whether Prime Minister Modi or Home Minister Amit Shah or anyone else, they can come and talk to us. If they can convince us that whatever is happening is not against the Constitution, we will end this protest," Syed Taseer Ahmed, one of the first protesters at Shaheen Bagh, told news agency Press Trust of India.

He said according to the government's claims, the CAA was "to award citizenship and not to take away someone's citizenship", but nobody explained, "how is it going to help the country".

"How is CAA going to help us tackle issues of unemployment, poverty and economic slowdown, which are the most pressing issues," Mr Ahmed said.

As it has been in the news that the protestors at Shaheen Bagh have pitched a tent on the main road linking Noida to south-east Delhi via the Kalinidu Kunj bridge, according to an official estimate, witnesses movement of around 1.75 lakh vehicles on a daily basis.

Mr Ahmed said school buses, ambulances and emergency vehicles were allowed hassle-free movement since the protest started two months ago and the claim that the stir was causing a lot of problems to the common people was "exaggerated".

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"Had it been at the levels as it is being portrayed by some people, we would have been evacuated from here long ago. The BJP would have won the Delhi polls and the Centre would have removed us. So, this claim that the Shaheen Bagh protest is causing major inconvenience is unsubstantiated," he added.

However, the Centre has dismissed the allegations, while maintaining that the law is intended to give citizenship to religious minorities who have been persecuted on from the three neighbouring countries and not to take away the citizenship of anyone.

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