Valentine's Week Special : Promise Day 2018


New Delhi : Promise Day is the fifth day of Valentine's week. This week is full of love & soon it's going to over. Vow is something which gives your partner a trust, belief in relationship & lots of happiness. Some promises you can make to your lover or parter, girlfriend & boyfriend are following:

I promise to hold your hand through sickness and health, through good and bad, through highs and lows. Together we'll make it through.

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I will love you just the way you are, I promise to never try to change who you are.

I promise to not hog the blanket at night and keep you warm.


I promise I'll admit it when I'm wrong and never go to bed angry.

I promise "we" will always be my priority and I will always stand up for you.

I promise to like most of your posts on social media, even the bad selfies.


I will push to keep trying & I promise to encourage you to keep challenging yourself and on days you feel like giving up.

In cooking, cleaning and everything else, I promise to share all your burdens.

I promise to take care of myself so I can take care of you.


And the last promise is, "I promise to always remind you how much I love you".

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