Vande Mataram : Story Of A Boy With Patriotism In His Heart And Nation Love On His Mind

Vande Mataram : Story Of A Boy With Patriotism In His Heart And Nation Love On His Mind

 Vande Mataram : Story Of A Boy With Patriotism In His Heart And Nation Love On His Mind 

New Delhi : We all know that the freedom is not available at free of cost, you have to earn it and fight for it. In order to gain freedom many sacrifices have to be laid. 

Yes, the true freedom comes with the sacrifices, discipline, commitment and courage with several other qualities. The freedom our beloved nation "India" also came with so many sacrifices, it costed us the life of our many Patriots and they all fall under the category of "LEGENDS" (yes! in caps) and we salute their sacrifice on our 72nd Independence day and forever. 

The story casts a boy who had patriotism in his heart and the story begins from the year 1918, when a 12 year old boy was attending the class in school and heard the slogans coming from outside. He immediately asked the teacher to go outside and teacher permitted him, he was very eager as the patriotism in his heart was outbusting. When he went outside, he saw the group chanting the slogans and later came to know that it was a freedom movement. But Suddenly a twist happened, he saw british officers attacking the crowd and and hurting the crowd. The boy couldn't bear this attitude of foreigners on his motherland. Hence, his inner patriot overtook his self and he took action by throwing a stone on the British Officer, who got hit badly and then British officers chased him to catch, but  the boy fled from the place.  

It was next morning when the boy was caught and presented in front of the court. Judge asked him some questions like what was his name to which he replied bravely "Azad" is my name (which means freedom!) and the judge was shocked. 

Then the judge asked him to tell his father's name to which he replied bravely again "Swadheenata". To which judge angrily asked about his permanent address and he again replied that the jail was his permanent address, and he likes to be in jail. After being so much frustated, judge punished him and the punishment was to beat the boy 12 times with a wet leather rope by a fat healthy person (which really hurts!, not have any personal experience).  

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We categorised the boy under "LEGENDS" and he justified us correctly when he told the judge to increase the punishment as for his action, this punishment was very less but the judge refused and ordered to take the boy to the place he was to be beaten. Then, at the place, boy was made naked and the punishment started where one after another beat started on his body, his skin was torn due to the beats but the boy had not even one tear in his eyes and shockingly the boy was shouting "Vande Mataram", with voice increasing at every beat. After the punishment of 12 beats was over, boy couldn't wear his shirt as his whole body was bleeding so he was provided with the 12  paise to put a bandage. 

What the boy replied was the most best thing you will hear and will get goosebumps after hearing his reply. The epic reply was "give the money to queen Victoria and tell her that it was given by a young Indian patriot." 
Ending this story, the climax is here! the boy was none other than one of our most patriotic leaders and the fighter with great aura "Chandrashekhar Azad".  
Jai Hind!
Happy Independence Day

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