Ways To Become More Productive And Kick To Good Start In Morning.

Ways To Become More Productive And Kick To Good Start In Morning.

New Delhi: To live healthy and happy we need to work properly, and a good and productive start is a must. In order to get a productive you must follow following pointers.
1.Set Your Alarm With Precision
By making a one fixed time alarm daily and giving that alarm a special name and special motive will give a kick off to a good day. By changing the wake-up call by a few minutes forward or back every day and hitting snooze (a lot)  will not train your mind. So just set one alarm and follow daily, it wont happen overnight but gradually it will fall at right place and before the alarm will ring, you will be the one waiting to off the alarm.
2. Some Basic Arm, Leg And Back Stretches That You Can Be Done In bed
Before heading off to make it your day, just try some  basic arm, leg and back stretches, so that you wont feel tired or have some muscular pain in the span of day. You feel fresh and energetic. 

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3.  Express Gratitude And Set One Intention For The Day
Always be greatful for where you are and work hard for where you want to go and writing down your goals makes you significantly more likely to achieve them  and you will firmly believe that what gets measured, gets done.  On the days you don’t, it’s harder to focus but by expressing what you have achieved on daily basis will boost you to go long way.
4. Find A Way To Fuel Your Body Properly
What and how you eat will decide your whole day ahead. By eating healthy Food and fruits in breakfast, insufficient amount is very significant. Plenty can happen during your 9-to-5 day or office time if you gets a healthy diet off track.  
5. Choose To Use Your Commute Efficiently
The best way to utilise  you whole day is planing your day while commuting. Its better to plan your intentions and day goals before you start with your work. By prioritizing and balancing the work in advance you wont suffer any bafflement and the day will be hectic free and hence smooth 

And you are all set for good start

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