Ways To Take Care Of Your Lenses

Ways To Take Care Of Your Lenses

New Delhi: Lens need a proper care, as they can put your vision at higher risk. To keep the lens care and free of any kind of infection, here are few points that you must follow

Lens Solution
A common mistake that folks build is exploitation water once their lens resolution gets over, or they forget to hold it. it's dangerous, lenses have to be compelled to solely be clean with a utile soution from a supposed company. we might conjointly counsel to alter the answer within the lens case on a daily basis to avoid infections and keep the lenses disinfected and healthy.

Lens Case
You need to start out with a brand new lens case on every occasion you get a contemporary combine of lens. However, you'll additionally dip the case in boiling water and let it air dry to wash it properly before carrying a brand new combine or lens

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Extended wear lenses
With High levels of pollution, one got to take care whereas sporting lens system for long periods at a stretch, like twenty four to forty eight hours. we have a tendency to would not say it is not well to use extended wear lenses however you would like to be thorough with hygiene and cleanliness over you'd with regular disposable lens

Allergies and Infections
Allergies and infections ar common occurence of correct lens care routine is not followed. If you're feeling any reasonably discomfort, remove them.


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