What is Game Of Throne’s Prequel About?

What is Game Of Throne’s Prequel About?

What is Game Of Throne’s Prequel About?

New Delhi: The biggest running TV series, Game of Thrones is all set to have a prequel. Not just this, the there are four other spin off series lined up in development.
Jade Goldman, the screenwriter of movies like Kingsman, Kick-Ass and Stardust has revealed some details about the first commisioned plot of the series.
Goldman says, the story will take place thousands of years before the events of Game of Thrones, the series chronicles the world's descent from the golden Age of Heroes into its darkest hour. From the true orgin of the white walkers to the secrets of history of the Westeros, to the mysteries of the East, it is not the story we know.

What is Age of Heroes?

The Age of Heroes is the story of the era the people of Game of Thrones tell stories about the time before written history.
The best source of information we have is The World of Ice and Fire, which he wrote along with Elio M García and Linda Antonsson. In this book the author has described a Westeros before the First Men, the time when Children of the Forest and Giants shared the land.
Everything was peaceful, until people started coming across from the land bridge of Essos. An then according to the flashbacks in Game of Thrones, the Men and the Children went on War. The Whitewalkers were possibly created by the Children as aa weapon to fight against the men.
When the war ended, the Children and the Men made- an agreement to share the land. This marks the beginning of the Age of Heroes.

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"The Age of Heroes lasted for thousands of years," writes Maester Yandel, "in which kingdoms rose and fell, noble houses were founded and withered away, and great deeds were accomplished."
This was the time, when Brandon, the builder built the wall, along with other less-celebrated sword-wavers and spear-shakers including Garth Greenhand, Durran Godsgrief, Symeon Star-Eyes and Serwyn of the Mirror Shield.
The big event of the Age of Heroes was the Long Night, the legendary winter that lasted a generation, "in which children were born, grew into adulthood and in many cases died without ever seeing the spring".
The winter ended when when a hero in the north tracked down the Children of the Forest, and when with their help founded the Night’s watch.So this can be the arc of the show. Maybe? Or maybe it can be something we can’t even speculate.
Who knows? But we know one thing, this show is going to be a treat for the Game of Thrones fans, who are currently holding their breath, waiting for the final season, that is going to air next year.


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