This Summer Tame Your Hairs. Just Follow These Simple Tips

This Summer Tame Your Hairs. Just Follow These Simple Tips

New Delhi : In summers, hairs also required extra care like skin & eyes. For hairs reasonable amount of exposure to sun is good. The sun helps calcium to bind through vitamin D and activates the circulation of thousands of small vessels that irrigate the scalp. In a nutshell, it makes the hairs grow faster and stronger. But overexposure and especially during summers can be very harmful too. Over exposure to sun will also aid drying of the epidermis and changing of the pH of the scalp. This will lead to peeling of skin which will then trigger dandruff.

How to protect one’s hairs during summers? Here are the answers.

1. The foremost advice for hair care in summers is to cover one’s head whenever they stay in the sun for a long period time because no hair care product will provide the required protection. This is especially true if one's hairs have a tendency to fall too much anyways.

2. Warm air during summers is also damaging for hairs. Thus it is better therefore to limit the usage of hair dryer and blowers especially in summers.

3. Some hairstyles can also help provide the required protection, tying the hairs in a bun with a scarf or as a braid especially if one has long hairs will also provide protection against the sun.

4. Essential oils - Although usage of hair oils is recommended but some essential oils can be certainly more effective in fighting hair damage. For instance, a few drops of thujanol essential oil can help stimulate the blood circulation and tone the capillaries, which make it possible to fight against the dull and brittle hairs. Add two drops of this oil in its usual dose of shampoo.

5. Supplements - To prevent seasonal hair loss in summers there are dietary supplements also available in the market. These supplements claim to boost the synthesis of keratin, increase the diameter of the hair and protect them from oxidative stress and seasonal aggressions. One may start intake of these supplements in prescribed dosage before advent of summer and continue throughout the season.    

6. Hair Masks - Hair masks especially the one’s enriched with Keratin can help the hairs relax and regains all their brilliance. There are many products available in the market choose the one most suitable for you and the one which provides protection against UV. The correct hair mask will not only repair the damaged hairs but will also smoothen, moisturize and elasticize the hairs.

Happy Summers Guys & Gals!

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